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Washington Youth Garden

April Martin


The 3rd graders at Bethune Elementary joined with the Washington Youth Garden and many volunteers for a busy afternoon in their new school garden.

First we reviewed some fun and tricky questions from Garden Science: Is broccoli a flower? Can we make clothes out of plants? Are bats pollinators? Are spiders insects? They raced back and forth between points designated as “Yes” and “No” to vote with their feet.

Next we broke into three groups to haul soil, plant seeds and transplant seedlings into the raised beds. Peas, sorrel, lettuce, radishes, marigolds, and onions all found a new home on the blacktop. The young gardeners learned the importance of math and measuring skills, reading the seed packets and evenly spacing the seeds. We also calculated how many days would pass before they would “pop up” or germinate.

The lettuce planters wanted to know whether they would be able to eat the lettuce they had planted. “Why, of course!"