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April Martin


After being wowed by the sheer variety of produce springing out of our garden, I knew the second interview with Farmer Nadia would have to be about these edible wonders:

Farmer Nadia, what are three curious looking vegetables we can find in the garden and where are they from?

1.  We have some purple tomatoes donated by Practically Organic Farm in MD, purple string beans, purple basil and purple “Five Color Chinese Peppers.”

2.  Egyptian walking onions have these flowers at the top of their stems that are so heavy that they bend forward, touch the ground, re-seed, and re-root, thus walking across the garden

3.  Tomatillos look like little lanterns in a papery shell.  You use them to make salsa. Garden Assistant Heriberto makes a bomb diggity salsa with them!

Editor’s note:  I am also fascinated by the yellow zucchini, the sweet orange sungold cherry tomatoes and the normal colored, but oh-so-exotic pineapple plant. 

What is the most curious incident that has occurred lately in the garden?

Every night, there’s been a party in the corn maze and the partiers are not cleaning up after themselves.  When we report to work in the morning, there are corn cobs strewn everywhere.  I’m just not sure if the culprits are children hiding in the corn maze at night or animals…

Editor’s note 2:  The two raccoons and one squirrel we’ve managed to trap seem to indicate the latter, although maybe the children are just being extra sneaky.

That’s all for today, folks.  Thanks for visiting the Washington Youth Garden blog and come see all of these curious things with your own eyes!