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Washington Youth Garden

Popcorn, applesauce and a farmer!

April Martin

If I asked you to do a word association with the title of this blog, you probably would not shout “classroom!"  or "school!"  But the Washington Youth Garden and our awesome partner schools fit these disparate terms together seamlessly.

As the in class lesson segment of our comprehensive school gardens program, Garden Science, is drawing to a close, we are doing a lot of cooking. After our "Savory Seeds” lesson using nutrition labels, edible seed examples and lots of sorting, we rubbed some dried corn seeds off the cob, wrote up a procedure for popping them, and had a healthy snack.


Students took home an envelope of popcorn kernels (just dried corn seeds, remember?) and their procedure to try making it at home.

This week, we made applesauce as part of a nutrition discussion about whole foods, lightly processed foods that still contain many of the healthy parts of the original whole food, and heavily refined and processed foods.


Students tasted their creation and went home with a delicious, lightly processed applesauce recipe to share with their families.  You can try it, too!  I can vouch for both the ease of preparation and how delicious it is.  Hint: You don’t need the lemon if you’re using Granny Smith Apples!


And last, but not least, our partner school John Burroughs Education Campus hosted a STEM careers day. Our garden manager, Farmer Nadia, was invited to share about her job with the 1st and 2nd grade students.


She had a rapt audience.


And she had lots to show and tell, like her garden map:


And popcorn on the cob!


Don’t you want to come learn with us??