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Washington Youth Garden

Meet Destiny

April Martin

The Washington Youth Garden is delighted to have two fabulous interns with us this summer to help with our SPROUT program. They started just a few weeks ago, so we’re still getting to know them. This is the second in a two-part series where we introduce you to those individuals.

Meet Destiny. Destiny was born in Maryland but didn’t stay there long - she was raised and now attends the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. However, she has spent many summers in Arlington, VA with her grandparents - including this one!  I asked Destiny a few questions so that we could all get to know her a bit better.


WYG: What are you studying in school, and what are your aspirations after college?

Destiny:  I study Elementary Education and I’d like to teach Kindergarten or Early Childhood Special Education.

WYG: What experience do you have working with kids?

Destiny: Well, I have three younger brothers and a large extended family, but I’ve also tutored kids for a long time. Last summer I worked at a summer camp for kids with Spina Bifida.

WYG: Sounds pretty extensive. So, do you have any gardening experience?

Destiny: No, not much before this. But since I’ve been here my grandpa lets me help him in his garden. My grandma used to keep up the garden and after she passed away my aunt kept it going. Then my grandpa took it over and now he trusts me to jump in.

WYG: What other types of things have you been involved with, service-wise, at school or in past summers?

Destiny: At school I volunteer with Healthy Ospreys. In the past when I have been up here for the summer I have volunteered at the Arlington Food Assistance Center.

WYG: What has been your favorite part of your experience so far at the WYG?

Destiny: Spending time with the kids who come on SPROUT Field Trips. Learning about teaching by observing.

WYG: What has been the most challenging part of your experience so far at the WYG?

Destiny: It’s hard work out here in the garden! Especially in the hot sun.

WYG: What is something new that you have learned so far at the WYG?

Destiny: Using sensory techniques to engage kids that might be otherwise a little distracted can be extremely helpful. For instance, using hand movements to interact with the kids really allows them to pay attention to you, the leader. This engages them physically so that they can really learn as well as have fun.

WYG: What are you hoping to get out of this internship?

Destiny: I really just want more experience with kids and to learn more about the teaching methods here.

WYG: What are you looking forward to specifically about the coming weeks?

Destiny: I’m looking forward to the opportunity to lead kids in some parts of their field trips. I’m also really excited to learn more about gardening in general.

WYG: What else are you doing this summer when you aren’t at the WYG?

Destiny: I’m working at a restaurant in Arlington, saving money for school, and studying for the Florida Teacher Certification Examination.

WYG: On to the most important questions: What is your favorite vegetable?

Destiny: Now it’s kohlrabi! I hadn’t had it before I came here but I love it.

WYG: What is your favorite fruit?

Destiny: Raspberries. Definitely raspberries.