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Washington Youth Garden

Looking forward to...

April Martin

Life at the Washington Youth Garden is never slow…but there are times of the year that we spend longer hours in the basement than outside in the lovely garden.  So in honor of this season, which involves a mix of planning, classroom lessons and grant submissions, we present a five things that keep us excited (and that could help you survive the winter, too) :

1. Playing with 3 and 4 year-olds: Our school garden partnership program is still bright and full of energy regardless of how dull the ground is outside.  Thank goodness kids don’t go into hibernation!

2. Planning ahead:  There is something exciting about calculating all of the greenhouse space we need to borrow from the U.S. National Arboretum so that we have sufficient seedlings for our growing season.  You are not going to want to miss a visit to the Washington Youth Garden in 2013! 

3. New Friends:  We’re in the middle of partnering for a couple of upcoming benefits for the Washington Youth Garden and both of them came as a surprise.  One is a memorial dinner for Thang Le (a volunteer chef at WYG) at Toki Underground  and a golf tournament put on by the Blacks Family Foundation.  More news on both to follow…

4. Indoor Special Events: Sometimes we skip indoor functions in the spring in summer when the plants are calling us outside!  But in the winter, we take part in the growing sustainable food and urban agriculture movements in DC, such as the Farm to Table Family Day at the Portrait Gallery and Rooting DC, an urban gardening conference.

5. Scrutinizing for Signs of Spring: Finding the baby crocuses popping out of the ground near the entrance of our garden took the eager eyes of our dedicated garden manager, home from a long trip.  I learned my lesson and will be sharpening my observation skills.  I don’t want to miss the arrival of Spring!

- Charla