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Washington Youth Garden

Heather: pilot, traveler, gardener, teacher...

April Martin

Based on the title, you might think I was describing a super hero.  But the Washington Youth Garden thrives because of generous and skilled volunteers like Heather!  Join me for the first of many profiles of our diverse, unacknowledged staff!

Heather flew airplanes in the Coast Guard for years, managing to visit seven continents and develop a fondness for gardening in between her busy working life.  When she left her job and moved with her husband to Washington, DC, she had already found the Youth Garden online and decided to forward the mission of exposing  students from concrete cities to gardening and nutritious food options.  Heather has now volunteered for a year and a half, not only doing the nitty-gritty garden chores, but also leading SPROUT field trip groups.  Recently, she agreed to assist in a Garden Science classroom during the winter season.  I was privileged to sit down with her and ask a few questions:

1.  For you, what is the most therapeutic garden chore?

I, oddly, like weeding, as long as its finite.  I like finishing a bed.

2.  If you had to live in one of the theme gardens, which would you choose?

I would live in the MyPlate ( garden because I like variety!

3. What has been your best moment in the Washington Youth Garden so far?

The best thing was an impromptu field trip that I gave while I was weeding.  A mom with three kids came in and she had just planted her first tomato.  I gave her a tour and she went away really enthusiastic, which I think is our goal.

Stay tuned for our next volunteer interview…