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Washington Youth Garden

April Martin


Gardens In Senegal

A past Washington Youth Garden Volunteer, Jennie, sent us an inspiring email from her home in Senegal.  She has not lived in DC for almost two years but keeps herself on the volunteer mailing list because she loves hearing about what’s going on in the garden!  She writes:

Its fun to remember what its like to garden somewhere with discernible seasons, and compare what you all are growing over there to what we’re growing here in Senegal. Volunteering in the garden is what gave me the confidence to get my hands dirty and try something similar here in this desert. Have fun this Saturday, and pass on my thanks to the volunteers for working so hard to help our kids maintain a connection with their food!

Jeenie describes her pictures as follows:

The first is the kids at my school garden practicing their
multiplication skills to count the number of tree sacks before we
planted the seeds. The idea behind the school garden is to give
teachers a place to apply classroom lessons as well as to teach kids
valuable life skills since the reality is most of them will not study
past the 4th or 5th grade.

The second is of the demonstration garden that I work in with a local
farmer named Abdoul Salaam. Its purpose is to demonstrate the effects of different types of fertilizers, spacing and natural pesticides on field crops and vegetables.

The last is my little brothers Samba and Chiekh with one of the
first eggplants of the rainy season harvested from my garden.

We are very touched by Jeenie’s testimonial to how volunteering with The Washington Youth Garden led her to start gardens across the world.  Thank you Jeenie for your work and your encouragement!