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Washington Youth Garden

April Martin


Garden Science wrapped up with some extra excitement at Center City this week. We started the lesson outside in the garden, harvesting radishes to take home and kale, spinach, and peas for the end of Garden Science stir-fry. Students often have a hard time understanding that vegetables are parts of plants, and there’s nothing like harvesting a radish yourself to really get that it’s a root. Or plucking spinach leaves to connect the dots that spinach really is a leaf!

A great big thanks to all the third and fourth grade classes, teachers and volunteers that made Garden Science such a success this fall. We can’t wait to come back mid-February to plant the seeds for next year’s spring garden and give our new gardeners a chance to grow seedlings in their own classrooms.

One Center City student protested when we explained when we’d see them next, exclaiming, “That’s too long!”

Don’t worry, we’ll be back before you can say brassica.