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Washington Youth Garden

Garden Science Haikus

April Martin

This week the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Marshall Elementary used the inspiration from their worm bin, a short video about pollinators and Nadia’s soil haikus (see on our Facebook page) to write their own garden science-themed poetry. Please share some of your own garden haikus on our Facebook page!

Worms are so creepy,

But they make the flowers grow,

They decompose fruits.

By Sallie

Worms break though dirt

Bats pollinate day and night

Worms eat leftovers

By Le’Asyah

Earthworms love food scraps

And they also love soil

Earthworms help the earth

By Jonathan

Bats fly at nighttime

Bats are night pollinators

Bats sleep at daytime

By Valencia

Bees carry pollen

Yellow jackets sting people

Bees also can fly

By Christopher

Pollinators can

Pollinate flowers for use

So we can eat fruit.

By Jonathan

Pollinators can

Go around the garden and

Pollinate flowers.

By Olivia and Milan

Pollinators are

Things that help pollinate

Flowers with pollen.

By Ayomide

We can eat fruit too

People love the fruit we eat

It is so healthy.

By Kalil