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Washington Youth Garden

Facing my fears

April Martin

My name is Bobbi Eatmon and I have been an intern at the Washington Youth Garden this summer. I had an awesome time working here and experiencing different things that I didn’t like before. I used to be terrified of bugs, but working here showed me that I have nothing to be scared of because they are not thinking about me. Now I’m not that scared anymore.


On Mondays, we would go on different trips and I wouldn’t be so sure about them. But the very last week of my fun internship we went on a river trip–a scary river trip, that I was horrified about. We were going to be on the Anacostia river in a canoe.


This was something I had never experienced, but i was ready to give it a try because of who I was in the canoe with. I didn’t know what to expect, but my goal this summer was to try new things. And this turned out to be the best trip. I feared it because everybody says that the Anacostia river is extremely deep, Its dirty, or that you could die by drowning. I have never been in a canoe and one time in a movie I saw somebody tip over and fall in and that immediately scared me because i don’t know what is in that water. But I put my fears aside and thought about it and got in a canoe and went down that river.


So i got in the canoe with Ariel who works for the Anacostia Watershed Society because she has been in a canoe many times before and she leads trips and she knows how to not tip over. So to get in the canoe we had to stay on the imaginary middle line with both hands on each side. I sat in the front of the canoe and I was even more scared because the water was brown and really dirty, but as we started to paddle and move I got less scared and didn’t really care about all the things that could happen while being out there.


And the trip that I feared turned out to be the most fun thing that I have ever done. It was a serious work-out, but I enjoyed being out there and learning how to canoe. We picked some seeds from plants in the wetlands part because they plant them somewhere else and help restore the wetlands. They took pictures of me canoeing with my feet up because I had gotten use to it, and was enjoying myself.


We went down and had lunch by the Arboretum where we saw a snake slither by, which also made me scared but I got over it and afterwards we went back up the river. And that was harder because we were going against the tide and instead of coming in this time. We came in last because i was tired, but it was a fun experience and I honestly would do it again.

-Bobbi Eatmon, Washington Youth Garden Summer Intern