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Washington Youth Garden

6 of one, half dozen of another

April Martin

Some of our Washington Youth Garden staff participated in a fantastic Life Lab training workshop a few weeks back and we tried out a few of the activities ourselves before introducing them to students.

You can participate in this activity, too!

1.  Take an egg carton and write 2 different adjectives (i.e. wet/dry, soft/hard, etc.) along the bottom of each of the 2 rows.  Create as many egg cartons as you have participants (or pairs of participants).

2.  Hand each participant an egg carton.  Only the person holding the egg carton should look at the 2 adjectives.

3.  Give participants about 10 minutes to fill up each side of the egg carton with natural objects that correspond with the adjective written on the bottom of the row. For example, if my adjectives were soft and hard, one row would be filled with soft objects like cotton or flower petals and the other with hard objects like wood chips or little stones.

4.  When participants re-congregate, have them try to guess the adjectives written on each others’ egg cartons by only looking at the collected objects.  If you did this activity with a large group, you can have participants swap with one other person or pair rather than working as a whole group.

Why don’t you give it a try?  Here are photos of 4 of our egg cartons.  Can you guess the adjectives? (Find the answers at the end of the blog)






Congratulations!  You just learned a great new garden education game!

Answers: a. rough/smooth; b. symmetrical/asymmetrical; c. shiny/dull; d. light/dark