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3501 New York Ave NE
Washington, DC, 20002
United States


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Internship Opportunities 

We offer a limited number of paid internship positions each season. Once those positions are filled, the postings will be removed from our site. If you are interested in working with us on a volunteer basis to gain college credit, or if you have independent funding for an internship position, please send a cover letter and resume to detailing your interest and availability.

past Washington Youth Garden Interns

A big thank you to all our interns, past and present!


Jocelyn Salinas: Garden Education Intern
Jorge Giron-Aragon : Special Horticultural Projects Intern
Norie Wright: Communications and Events Intern
Tali Gasko: Garden Grower Intern


Caroline Fitzgerald: Communications and Events Intern
Cherri Wojnar: Garden Education Intern
Ginger Mandel: Garden Grower Intern
Monét Davis: Garden Education Intern
Rebecca Blake: Evaluation and Education Intern
Sonya Butseva: Garden Grower Intern
Taryn Teeples: Garden Grower Intern


Allyssa Stevenson: Garden Education Intern
Cherri Wojnar: Garden Education Intern
Isabel Murray: Garden Education Intern
Julie Norris: Garden Education Intern
Liana Chin: Garden Education Intern
Mary Akel: Garden Grower Intern


Aaron Weckstein: Garden Grower Intern
Maddie Rohrbacher: Garden Education Intern
Emma Miniscalco: Garden Education Intern
Carolina Becerra: Garden Education Intern
Armon Smith: Garden Education Intern
Jimmy Shue: Garden Grower Intern
Mary Robert Carter: Garden Grower Intern
Diana Alicia González: Communications and Marketing Intern
Elisa Chang: Communications and Marketing Intern
Katelyn Mann: Garden Education Intern


Amanda Sikirica: Garden Education Intern
Ashley Lanham: Garden Education Intern
Athena Roesler: Garden Education Intern
Eun Na Lee: Garden Education and Art Intern
Hannah Perry: Garden Education Intern
Hernan Sibaja Arias: Garden Intern
Jennifer Holloway: Garden Education Intern
Julia Nussenbaum: Garden Education Intern
Kelly Del Grosso: Communications and Marketing Intern
Sarah Carpenter: Garden Education Intern
Shannon Leeke: Garden Education Intern


Destiny Amos: Garden Education Intern
Carolyn Engels: Garden Education Intern  
Ashley Eskalis: Communications and Marketing Intern


Sonja Graves: Communications and Marketing Intern
Melody Ain: Communications and Marketing Intern  
Abigail Brokaw: Garden Education Intern


Heriberto Diaz: Garden Assistant
Nadia Mercer: Field Trip Coordinator
DeAnna Von Halle: Education Assistant
Susan Beaudoin: Program Assistant


Andrew Plotsky: Garden Intern
Katherine Collins: Education Intern
Annabeth Roeschley: Education, Outreach and Special Events
Jonathan Gliss: Youth Intern


Nadia Mercer: Garden
Lindsay Sumner: Education
Katherine Lininger: Education, Outreach, and Special Events
Jonathan Gliss: Youth Intern


Abbie Dym: Garden
Ariel Balbus: Education
Hannah Jayanti: Education, Outreach, and Special Events


Frankie Hazera: Garden
Miriam Johnston: Education