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2014 Internship Opportunity:       


The Washington Youth Garden is currently seeking interns to work with our seasonal field trip program, SPROUT

Full information about responsibilities, time commitment and how to apply is on this flyer.

A big thank you to all our interns, past and present. We couldn't do it without you!


Amanda Sikirica: Garden Education Intern
Ashley Lanham: Garden Education Intern
Hannah Perry: Garden Education Intern
Jennifer Holloway: Garden Education Intern
Julia Nussenbaum: Garden Education Intern
Kelly Del Grosso: Communications/Media Intern
Sarah Carpenter: Garden Education Intern
Shannon Leeke: Garden Education Intern


Destiny Amos: Garden Education Intern
Carolyn Engels: Garden Education Intern  
Ashley Eskalis: Communications/Media Intern


Sonja Graves: Communications/Media Intern
Melody Ain: Communications/Media Intern  
Abigail Brokaw: Garden Education Intern


Heriberto Diaz: Garden Assistant
Nadia Mercer: Field Trip Coordinator
DeAnna Von Halle: Education Assistant
Susan Beaudion: Program Assistant


Andrew Plotsky: Garden Intern
Katherine Collins: Education Intern
Annabeth Roeschley: Education, Outreach and Special Events
Jonathan Gliss: Youth Intern


Nadia Mercer: Garden
Lindsay Sumner: Education
Katherine Lininger: Education, Outreach, and Special Events
Jonathan Gliss: Youth Intern


Abbie Dym: Garden
Ariel Balbus: Education
Hannah Jayanti: Education, Outreach, and Special Events


Frankie Hazera: Garden
Miriam Johnston: Education

Jonathan Nadia & Beets Miriam Annabeth Ari and Abbie  Nadia and Chris painting cutouts Annabeth & Katherine Franky & Miriam Nadia trellising Sumner & Jonathan Franky & kid 2008 Internin Garden s2s & Sumner Abbie carrotsHannah & Kaifaheriberto