Interested in combining a trip to the Washington Youth Garden with hands-on programming about trees at the US National Arboretum?


The Washington Youth Garden is collaborating with Casey Trees to deliver unique 3.5hr programs for groups up to 30 students. Visits will be scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday mornings in July, 2014. Some travel stipends are available.


The TreeWise program is a nature-and place-based summer education program is designed to get youth outdoors and foster appreciation and understanding of trees through fun, hands-on activities.


More information about registering your group for the TreeWise Summer Youth Program- Washington Youth Garden experience available here.



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Soil and Compost
Extension Lessons


Prepare your students for their soils and compost-themed field trip with an extension activity:

K-2nd Lesson

3rd-5th Lesson

6th-8th Lesson

9th-12th Lesson

Don't have time for a pre-lesson? These extensions are also a great way to keep build on your new students' new knowledge and interest.


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Science Program Reaching OUT (SPROUT) is the Washington Youth Garden’s field trip program that invites youth and educators from all over the Washington metro area to visit to our demonstration garden site at the U.S. National Arboretum.  This program is offered three days a week (Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) from April through October.

Watch a short video about our field trips here.

Kindergarten through High School students are invited participate in a ninety minute interactive garden science experience based on one of five themes:

The topics described in the curriculum linked above will be adapted based on the age of the group to maximize hands-on learning. Depending on the season, we might pick a strawberry, harvest asparagus, or taste some juicy cherry tomatoes in our fruit and vegetable production area. We also maintain a large herb garden, compost area, and several educational theme gardens, like the sunflower house that change annually-- so there's plenty to explore! 

How can I bring my group?

Please click here to register. Groups are schedule on a rolling, first-come first-serve basis. Groups are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the garden. We can accommodate groups of up to 30 students for the full 90 minutes. Please see calendar below for current availability. Payment may be made online or by check.

NOTE: If you schedule a trip for a Wednesday or Thursday, the grounds of the Arboretum are not open to the public. Your group will be allowed through the gates only to access the Washington Youth Garden. You must leave the grounds when your field trip is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience.

ON FRIDAYS ONLY: Groups of up to 60 students may be scheduled for two consecutive 45-minute programs, and explore nearby National Arboretum attractions while not in the garden.

How much does it cost?

A non-refundable* deposit of $25 is due within two weeks of the date we confirm your reservation in order to hold your scheduled time. This deposit will be applied towards the field trip fee.  Fees must be paid in full by the day of the field trip.  Fees are based on the percentage of students eligible for Free or Reduced Price meals (FRP):

50-100% of students eligible for FRP= $100.00 per field trip

0-50% of students eligible for FRP = $200.00 per field trip

These fees offset some of the staff and materials costs for the demonstration garden and educational program.  However, we are committed to making this living classroom accessible to as many youth as possible.  A limited number of scholarships are available for qualifying groups.  Please email if the fee is prohibitive for your group.



Please choose from the following options to submit a payment for your SPROUT field trip:

$25 Deposit (for one trip)

$75 Remainder fee payment (for a reduced price trip, when deposit has already been paid)

$100 Full fee payment (for a reduced price trip)

$175 Remainder fee payment (for a full price trip, when deposit has already been paid)

$200 Full fee payment (for a full price trip)

Other amount (When paying for multiple trips, etc.)

Payments are processed through our PayPal Account (hosted by FONA)


*If the field trip is cancelled by the Washington Youth Garden for severe weather and cannot be rescheduled, we will refund your fee and deposit.


Visit our blog to learn more about Washington Youth Garden programs.