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Support Garden Education With Your Gift


Donate today to sustain and grow the Washington Youth Garden's programs, offering field trips, green jobs training and classroom-based science and nutrition lessons to under-served youth in the DC area. 

"Being out in nature is truly something that is not a part of my students' lives. They are some of the toughest kids I know and have had some rough lives and heartbreaking experiences. Yet spending the day in the Youth Garden brings out the peaceful child in them...these kids need the outdoors and the WYG has been the perfect way to introduce the greatness of nature to some pretty tough kids."


- Special Education teacher on a visit to the Washington Youth Garden

Reserve your field trip!

lettuce spiral small Bring your class out to the Washington Youth Garden this season for an educational field trip. SPROUT (Science Program Reaching OUT) trips are specifically designed to give your students a hands-on outdoor experience they'll remember.

Read more about our program here and register online here.

We are currently accepting reservations for trips beginning April 9, 2014.

Questions? Email us at or call 202-245-2709.