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Family Garden Day Sign-Up

Family Garden Day Sign-Up

Permission Agreement

My family and I are participating in a class at the Washington Youth Garden located in the US National Arboretum. I understand that our participation may involve physical activities and potential risks of injury to person or property. Knowing this, I accept and assume the risks associated with our participation in any and all activities at the Washington Youth Garden.

I release all liability and responsibility from and will not take action against Washington Youth Garden or any of its employees, affiliates, or partners because of any accident, injury, property damage, expense, loss or damages which we might experience due to our participation in these activities.

I give permission to Washington Youth Garden to use names, pictures, writings, and audiotape or videotape recordings including members of my family taken during the activity. I can be assured that personal information submitted during registration will not be shared with outside organizations.

By registering, I confirm that I have read the above statements, I understand it and I fully accept its terms. If I prefer my family not be photographed, I have indicated so to event staff via email (

Ticket Type
Program Month


Single Visit: Recommended donation is $5 per individual. This program costs WYG about $200 in staff time and $150 in supplies each Family Garden Day, chip in to help us continue to offer it and make it accessible to all.

Full-Season Pass: $25 per individual to attend any or all of this year’s programs. Monthly that is ($25)/8 = $3.13 per person per class if you attend all 8. No refunds for skipped sessions, however, we will offer additional classes for weather cancellations.