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April Martin


There is a distant memory of the time when the deer fence deterred nearly all of our large plant predators.  It was a year of plenty.

Nowadays, the deer fence definitely keeps out the deer, but it does little to stop those fat, pesky groundhogs or sneaky squirrels and raccoons.  We’ve watched more than one of them squeeze their heavy bodies through the just-too-large gaps in the fence on their way to take out our broccoli and corn.

So, it is time to announce (drum-roll please), the installation of some rodent-proof raised beds.  Not only are we excited about potentially more produce to share, we can get an earlier start on our spring planting (soil dries faster in raised beds).  Also, these raised beds will be right at kid eye-level and they demonstrate a way that our visitors who live in urban environments can have their own gardens in small spaces!

Do you want to learn how to build and install these yourself?  Register for our free “How to Build a Rodent-Proof Raised Bed” workshop on March 8th, 2014.

See you soon!

- Nadia and Charla