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Perks, perks, perks, perks, perks, perks....

April Martin

It’s one of those words that sounds really strange when you say it over and over again in your head.  Thanks to Indiegogo, it’s been bouncing around my brain all winter long.  So, what does “perks” mean for the Washington Youth Garden?


It means that we get to thank over one hundred special people who shared their resources with urban students and families in DC with something more than a note or an email.  Whether your gift is tangible (a handy Shopping Bag or fun Garden Art Cards) or more ethereal (a dedicated Sunflower, a special mention on our blog), we hope that you know how much YOU mean to us and all of the wonderful people, young and old, that we get to work with every day.

So, without further ado, THANK YOU to:

All of our Anonymous Supporters

C. Segall

Capitol Seniors Housing

Caroline Wray

Christie Byers

Emily Roberts

In Honor of Anna Benfield (thanks, Anna’s family!)

Kaifa Anderson-Hall

Kevin C. Erhman

Leanna Fenske

Linda and Tom Lucatorto

Liz Lawrence

Madeline Grader-Jones

Megan Higginbotham

Samuel Visner

Sarah Murphy

Sophie Frederickson

Susan Beaudoin

Candice Parrish

Dave and Beth Roberts

Ednajane Truax

Elaine Qualter

Elizabeth Whitehurst

Marjorie Pray

Heidi Scanlon

Holgar Dalkmann

In Honor of Charla and Stephen Wanta (thanks, Aunt Kay!)

Jennifer Jefferson

Joanne Green

John Appel

Joseph Wallace

Judith Colwell

In Honor of Julia Dennehy

Kacie Warner

Kathleen Combs

Kelsey Anderson

Lauren Patti

Meghan Tighe

Michael Hilburn

Miguel Mejia and Kristy Mayer

McBride Family

Megan Klose

Michelle Parrish

Nina Robertson

Phillp Goo

Sarah Roberts

Susan Schreiber

Virginia Thompson

Allison Burkett

Anthony Henderson

Beatrice Trickett

Carol McCarthy

Caroline Thompson

Chandler Sherman

Christopher Rhoads

Collin Odell

Ellen Gutowski

Erin Caldwell

Freya DeCola

Heather Donald

James Ploeser

Johanna deGraffenreid

Kristen Hite

Kristin Brower

Maya Kosok

Melanie DeCola

Pavlo and Max

Ronald Springwater

Stefanie Claus

Terry White

Amy Andreas

Alexandra Romano

Christina Kamp

Elizabeth Adair

Elizabeth Joseph

Erica Marcus

Erin Whitson

Lauren Gucik

Thelma Young

Tracey Wilson

We are so excited to move forward with the 2014 season and share healthy food, hands-on science, and great moments in the outdoors with special folks like this cool dude:


- Charla, Development and Communications Manager