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Meet Elisa and Diana, Two New Additions to the WYG Intern Team!

April Martin

Hello! Nihau! I am Elisa from Taiwan, a little island on the opposite side of the world. I study Business Administration at the National Taiwan University; I am in DC with the the Washington Center global citizen program. As a WYG intern, I jhelp out with digital media maintenance and sometimes gardening! It is fascinating to work in the US National Arboretum which is so pretty and fresh. Washington DC is an amazing place to explore. 

Look at my pretty snow angel. Before I came to DC, I hadn’t seen snow!

When I was little I usually spent my weekend afternoons on the balcony with plants and flowers. I feel relaxed and carefree I am in the garden and with nature. That is why I decided to intern at WYG.  I love being a part of WYG’s work to influence the community and younger generations to make healthy food choice and teach environmental science. When I go back home, I would like to start my own garden and publicize the idea of the organic life style, or start a garden service club in my university.

My days with WYG are so much fun. I helped to build Friendship Woodridge school garden and table at high schools to promote our Green Ambassador High School Intern Program.

I am looking forward to the spring in DC. I can’t wait to work in the garden under the pretty sunshine!!!

Hello! My name is Diana Alicia González Cuacuil. I am 20 years old, and from Mexico, the state of Puebla. I am studying Business Development Marketing at the Tecnological University of Huejotzingo in Puebla. I came to DC with the ”Rumbo Joven: Mexico 125” scholarship. Through the Washington Center, I am interning at the Washington Youth Garden, in the social media and communication. Elisa and I make a great team, and we are learning so much together.

WYG is a really cool place to work. I fell in love with the garden: it is beautiful, even in winter! For me it is an excellent idea to connect children and adults with nature and good nutrition. Elisa and I have helped in outreach for the Green Ambassadors Program. It was fun to meet the future participants at schools, and greet them with popcorn!

I can´t wait to return to Mexico and make my own garden! Learning about composting is interesting and important for environmental issues.  Mexico is full of resources to design a program like WYG! In Mexico we have warm weather-learning how to compost and to create your own vegetable garden is a really good idea. Teaching this to the children is very important: they are the future men and women. They are really curious and open-minded to understand things. I would like organizations like WYG to increase in Mexico.

I am very happy to work here and I plan to make my best effort in order to benefit the organization! I hope to meet more of the other volunteers and people involved with WYG as my internship goes on!

-Elisa and Diana