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Having Fun in Class!

April Martin

Ms. Ewing’s Pre-K autism class is unlike any other class that I teach at John Burroughs. The lesson plans are less structured, and our students come out of the lesson time a little messier. 

This weekly twenty minute class is a great opportunity for both the students and me.  The students are able to touch fruits and vegetables while exploring their creativity while we made food print paintings.  

They have also played in dirts using Dixi cups as shovels to bury their giant plastic insects. 

The opportunity to teach these younger students has taught me to meet my students where they are in each moment. With most of my classes we talk more in-depth about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, or how to plant a seed in the dirt and watch it grow, but in this classroom, our main goal is exposure.  Through exposure, the students become more desensitized — dirt is no longer gross or scary, and vegetables are no longer foreign objects.