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Getting Pumped for Rooting DC 2014

April Martin

Here at the Washington Youth Garden we get pretty jazzed about Rooting DC, coming up Saturday March 1st at Wilson HS. This free urban-gardening forum gets bigger and better every year– with over 70 workshops being offered this year, and over 50 tables at the info fair. If you haven’t registered, click here to learn more and reserve your spot.

Since WYG’s Garden Manager, Nadia Mercer has been attending Rooting DC since 2009 and last year presented a workshop about garden design to over 100 people, we decided to ask her for the inside scoop.

What workshops will you be leading this year?

I am teaching two workshops, one with Anna Benfield. We are collaborating on a workshop called Growing Gardeners: Cultivating the Next Generation and the second workshop is called Small and Destructive about how to identify garden pests and organic solutions to help control those populations.

What are you most looking forward to about Rooting DC?

My favorite part about Rooting DC is seeing all of the people in our community excited about gardening and garden education and food access. I love being under one roof with all of these people wanting to learn from each other.

What  advice would you give to someone attending Rooting DC for the first time?

Look at the workshops ahead of time and just circle the ones you want to go to. Then get there early so you can get a seat, because it’s going to be crowded. Over 900 people have already registered!

My second piece of advice is that if  you’re feeling overwhelmed at any point, just skip a workshop and go to the info tables and talk to people. And eat something. You’re going to learn something–you don’t have to do everything!

What was the first Rooting DC you ever attended?

I believe it was 2009. It was before I was at WYG full time. The workshops were at an old building in Chinatown. And I didn’t register ahead of time and I had to wait in a really long line.

What is a memorable moment from a a past Rooting DC?

One of my favorite moments was watching Lola Bloom from City Blossoms organize 30 young kids that she didn’t know and lead them in a cooking demonstration making beet slaw, while adults observed so they could learn how to do it. That was really cool!

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