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Found Apples

April Martin

Winter is the season for warm food. If you haven’t tried making your own applesauce at home, here’s a recipe inspired by Programs Manager, Charla Wanta’s effort to save some old apples from the bin. The story goes, Charla walked in on six apples that had been sitting in the USNA’s volunteer room over the holiday break, and not being one to pass on an opportunity to liven up the workday, she seized the apples and moment. So with ingredients in our pantry, we turned almost compostable apples into delicious applesauce!


We have an electric wok here at WYG, so if you happen to have one too or find yourself in our office, you can follow these directions exactly. Otherwise, a similar non-stick pan set on medium heat will do just as well.

Found Apple Applesauce

6 old apples of undetermined type (sweet or tart)

2 tsp. cinnamon

2 tsp aged white wine vinegar (we didn’t have any lemon juice)

3 Tbsp Maple Syrup (approx. we just wanted to finish a bottle sitting in the fridge)

Water as needed to keep apples from drying out

Core and cube apples.  We left the peels on, but the texture would be smoother without them. Add all ingredients to an electronic wok. 


Turn to the lowest setting above “Warm” (250 Fahrenheit).  Cover and cook for approximately 15-20 minutes, stirring very occasionally and adding water as necessary. 


When apples are tender, turn up the wok to 450 Fahrenheit and caramelize the apples for about 3 minutes.  Be careful that they don’t burn!  This adds great flavor. 


Serve warm!


Having consumed two pies over the holidays, I can speak with authority that this applesauce is GREAT!