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April Martin


As we sift through the reams of teaching evidence that our School Garden Coordinator of two years left in her wake, we are struck by all of the exposure these students got to healthy food, science concepts, and the great outdoors during their really formative Early Childhood years…and we are also struck by how funny some of their worksheets are.  This is why we are sharing them with you!  From love worms to loving mom by eating your broccoli; from sweet potatoes illustrated by overzealous artists to sweet potatoes with babies instead of a label, we just couldn’t resist letting you have a peak into the minds of 3-5 year-old garden students.

- Charla and Anna

P.S. All of the food-related coloring sheets were accompanied by planting, harvesting, taste testing and/or cooking.  Guess what?  Repeated exposure  to fruits and vegetables is demonstrated to increase consumption.  Great news for our students from peer-reviewed scientific literature!

Cooke, L. (2007), The importance of exposure for healthy eating in childhood: a review. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 20: 294-301.