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Environmentally Friendly Activities for Kids: Plant a Tree!


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Environmentally Friendly Activities for Kids: Plant a Tree!

Washington Youth Garden

By Jackie Edwards

Fun Conservation Activities for Kids

Statistics have shown that the national tree cover in the US across urban and community spaces now stands at 42.2% which is a decrease from 42.9% over five years. Tree loss and the gradual decrease in the size of forests is a global problem. And the even sadder fact is that we are all affected by the loss of tree cover in the world even if we do not contribute to it. Without doubt, big corporations and industries have the largest negative impact on forest cover and are the biggest danger to our trees. However, we cannot wait for corporations to change without doing anything ourselves, we need to join the whole Washington community in activities and programs that are dedicated to conserving the environment. Conservation is immensely important and it is necessary to get our kids involved early on.

Getting Kids Excited About the Environment

The thing with tree cover loss or the rampant deforestation of our forests is that it doesn't just affect those responsible for it but everybody else as well. And the impacts themselves are devastating not just for the present but for the future. You can link the gradual loss of our forests to reduced water levels across the globe as the catchment areas are degraded. It can also be connected to the changing weather patterns and the increased carbon dioxide levels in the environment which contributes to global warming. However, not all hope is lost as there are a number of conservation measures implemented across the globe that are credited with forests flourishing despite the degradation. However, there is still room for more to be done and this is where kids come in.

Teaching Through Art

The first step in any successful move to get kids to be more environmentally conscious is to help them understand the importance of the environment. While this can be done at school, or even through flyers and nature shows, this is not enough to truly connect them with the environment and conservation on a personal level. One way to bridge this gap is through art. This can be used for children across all ages. A good example would be to ask to create a play on why trees are important or to make a painting of how trees make the world better.

Set Up a Tree Planting Drive

Planting a tree is one of the best ways for kids to learn the value of trees. It creates a sense of connection with a tree which ultimately creates more concern for trees in general. To make the exercise fun, you can pair it with a scavenger hunt around the area you’d be conducting the drive. You can place facts about trees and forests around the area and have kids look for them. You can then offer prizes to those who can find and remember most facts and bonus gifts to those who had more facts to bring. This should make the drive both fun and informative.

Valuing trees is one of the greatest lessons we can teach kids today. Raising a generation that values its environment will ensure that the state of the world’s natural resources improves.