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What's Growing in Saturday Patch Right Now?


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What's Growing in Saturday Patch Right Now?

Education Manager

The Saturday Patch kids have been hard at work. They’ve filled planters with a mix of WYG compost and organic potting soil, working one small bucket-full at a time. They’ve also toted those buckets back and forth from the garden spigot, and watered their very own seeds. 

In the Patch right now, we have sungold tomato plants producing bright orange fruits. We have zinnias already blooming in various colors, unphased by the occasional groundhog munchings. Not far behind are the wildflower seedlings, gearing up to surprise us with the many shades they have in store. We also noticed our tiny basil sprouts spilling out of their burlap home so we transplanted them into a pot. This weekend, we planted carrots a nice deep pot, and gathered our first-ever tomato harvest. 



If you’d like to be a Saturday Patch kid, come on down to the Youth Garden to participate in this free, walk-in program. We’d be happy to have you. 

Best wishes from the garden! 
Emma (Patch Keeper)