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Spring is Over, Summer Arrives at the Washington Youth Garden

Washington Youth Garden

By: Norie Wright

We had a really amazing Spring 2018 here at the Washington Youth Garden!

In the spring season alone, we harvested 275 pounds of fresh produce from our garden! These harvested fruits and veggies were all been donated to DC Central Kitchen, where they have been distributed around the city to help feed the hungry. This fresh produce will make a major difference in the lives of people who suffer from hunger all over the Washington DC Metro area.

In the world of SPROUT, over 2,200 students from all over the DC Metro area visited our garden between April and June. Our educators have been working hard at figure out ways SPROUT can be improved for the future. With the summer SPROUT season having begun, we can’t wait to see the smiling faces of eager students and have them see our SPROUT improvements.

The Green Ambassadors Program officially started on June 25th, with GAP Leaders training the week before. Farmer Jake has some fun activities planned for the Green Ambassadors this summer, including cooking, planting crops, visiting our school gardens and taking field trips to various growing operations across the area.

So much of the garden’s success this spring was a result of the contributions of our incredible volunteers, who have logged over 445 hours of volunteer service in the garden. The garden would truly be a different place without the volunteers, whether they help with SPROUT, Family Garden Day, or helping Farmer Jake and Farmer Robin maintain the garden. To all our volunteers, we say THANK YOU.

We can’t wait to move into the summer, with even more exciting plans waiting for us in the coming months. Make sure to visit the Washington Youth Garden during the summer to see what we have going on!

Norie Wright is the Events and Communications Intern for the Washington Youth Garden and Friends of the National Arboretum.