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Guest Spotlight: Get the Best Out of Nature: Homegrown Celery for Juicing


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Guest Spotlight: Get the Best Out of Nature: Homegrown Celery for Juicing

Washington Youth Garden

By: Jackie Edwards

Producing home-grown vegetables gives you access to the most nutritious and free produce available. Besides being able to feed your family fresh and tasty salads, another pro of having vegetables in your garden is that you are able to make healthy homemade juices that do wonders for your and your children's health.

One of the most nutritious plants that you can grow in your garden is celery. This long green stem of a vegetable might be the type of food your children want to avoid at all costs, but it is definitely the kind of plant from which you can make a fresh, health-boosting juice, that your kids might actually find enjoyable.

Celery Juice Fights Inflammation

Children are naturally more susceptible to flu or colds that are often accompanied by inflammation. Celery carries some of the strongest anti-inflammatory agents that can help protect your child's immune system, or assists them in recuperating from a long cold. 

In grown-ups, on the other hand, inflammations can be the culprit behind various ailments such as fatigue, and even depression. Inflammations also got the nickname of “silent killers”, because they easily go unnoticed and cause serious health damage in the long run. The two most potent compounds in celery are called luteolin and polyacetylenes, which directly affect various inflammations in one’s system.

Celery Juice Aids Recovery and Growth

Most children (and some parents) are extremely active, which means they will spend hours upon hours running, climbing, jumping, etc. After a long, active day the body needs rest and something to help it replenish. Celery juice is the perfect drink for this, as it is packed with helpful antioxidants, which play a crucial role in rehydration and replenishment of important electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

Additionally, due to its replenishing properties, celery juice ensures restful sleep and the absence of painful cramps. Another mineral found in celery that contributes to muscle relaxation and a good night’s sleep is magnesium, which is vital for healthy growth. This means that a glass of celery juice will help your child maintain a healthy Mg2+ level and contribute to his/her normal development.

Having an edible garden and preparing refreshing, nutritious juices out of home-grown vegetables such as celery is one of the healthiest choices parents can make. Not only will this save you tons of money, but it will ensure that your family is getting the best nature has to offer.